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Fresh Air Sells

Household smells in our own homes can be a problem because we get accustomed to them. However, it takes just a few seconds in a stranger’s home, to know if a smoker lives there. The smell is in the air!

So, when you put your home on the market, think about the common smells you might have lingering in your home. Remember, you may no longer notice them, but a prospective buyer will.

These may include:

  • A diaper bin in the baby’s room.

  • Kitty litter.

  • Model-making glue.

  • Paints, even if the cans or tubes are closed tightly.

  • Food.

  • The aroma of a spicy meal can linger for hours.

  • Garbage cans. Even empty ones, if they are not clean.

  • Strong smelling soaps, perfumes and other cosmetics and toiletries.

  • Flowers and other plants.

  • Firewood (especially pine.)

  • Outdoor shoes.

  • Ashtrays.

  • Sinks.

  • Carpets.

  • Door mats. These are especially prone to stains and smells.

Try to eliminate as many odors as possible. An hour or so before a viewing, open a few windows to give your home a breath of fresh air.


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