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5 Easy Ways to Reduce Stress Fast

This is the time of year that is traditionally spent with family and friends. But the pressures associated with working, shopping, visiting, vacation planning and entertaining can make it a stressful time as well. Here are some quick-tips that will help:

  • Take a deep breath. This may sound simplistic, but studies have shown that a single deep breath can measurably reduce anxiety, improve mood and even lower blood pressure. What’s the best part of this tip? It only takes a few seconds.

  • Go for a walk. A mere 20-minute stroll can release enough endorphins in the body to calm the nervous system and reduce stress levels.

  • Avoid comfort foods. When you’re stressed, it’s tempting to reach for a favorite sugary snack. While that may temporarily boost your energy, the effect won’t last. Your body may actually lose some of its ability to deal with stress later in the day.

  • Write your worries down. Your imagination can turn any minor problem into a crisis. Writing it down, however, puts it back in perspective. Once on paper, your concern may not seem nearly as serious as you had thought.

  • Drink a glass of water. Your body is more prone to stress when it’s dehydrated. A glass of water can help minimize stress or even wash it away completely.

Don’t let stress get in your way. Try using these tips, so you can enjoy yourself more.


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