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More than a stereotype!

Have you ever noticed that some TV shows stereotype lawyers, doctors and even real estate agents like me?

Real estate agents, for example, are often seen hammering in lawn signs, hosting open houses and making deals.

But, of course, there’s more to the story than that.

Sure, I do a lot of work for my clients during a transaction - helping them find and buy the home of their dreams and, in many cases, helping them sell their current properties quickly and for the best price.

But my role doesn’t end there.

I stick with my clients for the long-term, helping them maximize their enjoyment of their homes. I do that by staying in touch regularly, being available when they have questions or need recommendations, and providing other home-related advice and services.

There are many less-than-dramatic things I do for clients that don’t make it to a TV show but are still important to you!

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