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What A Difference 3 Years Can Make!

Over the past three years, home values have seen noticeable growth. The data above showcases final sales results for the month of April during the years 2014, 2015 & 2016.

In West Palmdale* homes sales prices have increased by almost 16%, Days On Market has decreased by 63%, and as a result, total number of sales have fallen by almost 5%. The dramatic drop in days on market and decrease in overall sales indicates that there may be fewer homes available for Buyers, allowing homeowners to sell for more money in less time on market.

In West Lancaster* home sales prices have increase by 10%, total number of sales has increased by 15% and Days On Market and decreased by 34%. This shows that home values and buyer activity are steadily increasing, resulting in fewer active days on market for Sellers.

*West Palmdale & West Lancaster areas are as defined by GAVAR MLS. Information provided is final sales data as provided by GAVAR MLS for the month of April, for the reference years. Percentages above are ±1%.

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